Ethnicsoft has delivered innovative software solutions with the highest return on investment. Eloquent Software system helps private-sector and public-sector clients leverage technology and achieve strategic, as well as tactical objectives, via a comprehensive set of services using the right teaming, people, processes and technology.

Our approach to service delivery starts with an uncompromising dedication to client relationships and high-value design and packaging. Our ability to bring together a group of people toward a common goal contributes to combining our team with yours to produce higher operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Ethnicsoft’s extensive track record of trend spotting and early investment in technology platform and process winners enable us to help you make the investment decisions that bring the highest long-term benefits. Our clients have received awards for industry-changing solutions that almost immediately increased their market share or operational efficiency in most areas of services, and most recently, Amen Scientific herbal hospital’s paperless application.

Vision and technology
Microgravity affects vision.  A mysterious syndrome has been impairing astronauts’ vision on the International Space Station, causing untreatable nearsightedness that
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Speed of Light
Speed of angels turned out to be the known speed of light. Moslems (Muslims) believe that angels are low density
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OUR NEW MTR7 Medical software
Our new paperless medical record-keeping software is carefully designed for your clinics and hospitals with the best network-enabled capability for
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